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One year I decided I was to do a science project called "Do Science Projects Cause Maternal Insanity?" That was the year we sent one of our sons to the neighbor's house to do his science experiment. It was one of the years that our four boys all did science projects.

Thirty five years ago, when I was in elementary school, it was easy to do a science project. You made a trip-tik science board out of a cardboard box, hand wrote your topic and procedure, then made a model of a volcano or made an egg squeeze into a bottle. Your teacher had never heard of the scientific method, and your mother never even knew your science project was due.

Those were the good old days. Now, children are expected to choose a science project topic, submit a proposal, form a hypothesis, perform an experiment with three trials, graph and chart the results, develop and present an abstract, give an oral report, and pretend they did all this without help from parents.

It really is enough to drive a mother insane.

Thankfully, before I went totally mad, our boys hit on some science experiments that were real winners. They were science experiments that worked on the first go, didn't require the acquisition of expensive scientific equipment, and could be done by the child and not the parent. Best of all, each was a science project that could be finished in one day.

A couple of years ago, I realized that other families experience the same frustration with their science project. Since we've been through it all before, our family decided to choose our best science experiments and make them available to others. We chose five projects and made them into a package of science project guides that we sell online at www.24hourscienceprojects.com.

We've been in your shoes - in fact, we're still in them, because our boys are still participating in science fairs! We enjoy helping others discover that a science project can really be fun. Take a look at our projects at www.24hourscienceprojects.com. We know you'll find that we've done the hard part, and left the fun of doing a science project for you to enjoy!
Bald Egg Science Project
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