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So you need a science project idea?

Somehow or another, for many years every time we came up with a science project idea, it was rejected. The teacher thought it was too hard or too easy, it didn't follow the scientific method or our sample wasn't big enough. The science project idea that we thought was terrific was a failure before we even started.

So we'd visit the library, and discover all the science project ideas in the books were either too easy or too hard, needed equipment that cost a fortune, or were on a subject that bored our kids. The internet wasn't any better. Doing a science project wasn't one of our greatest ideas.

After several trials, we ended up finding science project ideas that actually worked. The supplies were available, the science experiment worked, the results were easily graphed, and there was plenty of research material. Best of all, the elementary teacher thought our ideas were good, too!

The next year, it science project ideas were a bit easier to think up. The first time our idea was accepted on the first submission, we were ecstatic!

I'm positive that we're not the only parents that have a hard time with science project ideas. Since we've gone through it so many times, we've taken our best science project ideas and made them available to you. We chose five projects and made them into a package of science project guides that we sell online at Each science project idea has step by step instructions, preformatted charts and graphs, reference helps, and easy to find supplies.

We've been in your shoes - in fact, we're still in them, because our boys still have to come up with a yearly science project idea. Take a look at our project ideas at We're happy to share our science project ideas with you, so you can discover how much fun a science project can be!
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Our Science Project Ideas Feature Easy to Find Supplies

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"The Yeast Beast" is a great science project idea!

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